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Example Article Title

A Subtitle is nice

Author: Douglas Eadline


The Title and subtitle will be reformatted. The first heading (Introduction) or paragraph after the Author name is where the article will start.


Paragraphs are to be separated by paragraph tags. Do not use return character or tabs to space paragraphs. Here is some extra text. The swift brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

Here is another paragraph. Did you know that the "The swift brown fox jumped over the lazy dog." has every letter int he the English alphabet.

Italic and Bold Placement

Use the standard tags for italic and bold . Please keep italic and bold use to a minimum.


Lists are easy. An ordered list looks like:

  1. Element one
  2. Element two
  3. element three


Tables must use standard HTML table markup. For example:

Heading 1, row one Heading 2, row one
column 1, row one column 2, row one
column 1, row two column 2, row two

Source Code

Source code should be surrounded by preformatted text tags. Use tags to refer to code elements (e.g. MPI_Init) in the text.

 1 #include 
 2 #include 
 4 int main(int argc, char **argv) {
 5   int rank, size;
 7   MPI_Init(&argv, &argv);
 8   MPI_Comm_size(MPI_COMM_WORLD, &size);
 9   MPI_Comm_rank(MPI_COMM_WORLD, &rank);
10   printf("Hello, world.  I am %d of %d.\n", rank, size);
11   MPI_Finalize();
12   return 0;
13 }

Sidebar One: Resources
All extra information should go in sidebars. In particular, if you have a list of resources or URLS, please place them in sidebars.

Tom Sterling's Beowulf Breakthroughs

Beowulf mailing list and Web Page

Book: How to Build a Beowulf, by Sterling, Salmon, Becker, Savarese, MIT Press, ISBN 0-262-69218-X


You can reference the side bare by putting in a See Sidebar One tag.


All external links can be put in place. Links to other ClusterMonkey pages need to use the full ClusterMonkey URL. For example:

You can contact the Head Monkey by clicking here.


If the number of equations is small, equations are best handled by creating images and including them in the text. You can create equations in HTML by using tools such as this one.

(1) E  =  m c 2


All image files should submitted with the HTML document. Image tags should indicate where the image should be placed in the text. Use only ALT and SRC attributes. For example:

ClusterMonkey Logo


If you use this page as a template, you will reduce the work for the rest of the monkeys that are managing this site.