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  • mpiBLAST is a freely available, open-source, parallel implementation of NCBI BLAST. By efficiently utilizing distributed computational resources through database fragmentation, query segmentation, intelligent scheduling, and parallel I/O, mpiBLAST improves NCBI BLAST performance by several orders of magnitude while scaling to hundreds of processors. mpiBLAST is also portable across many different platforms and operating systems. Lastly, a renewed focus and consolidation of the many codebases has positioned mpiBLAST to continue to be of high utility to the bioinformatics community.
  • MPI-HMMER is an open source MPI implementation of the HMMER protein sequence analysis suite. The main search algorithms, hmmpfam and hmmsearch, have been ported to MPI in order to provide high throughput HMMER searches on modern computational clusters. MPI-HMMER has sophisticated I/O, a self-contained coordinator/worker model, and the easy inclusion of accelerated architectures (e.g. GP-GPUs).