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As one of the last three readers of Cluster Monkey, do not despair. I apologize for the rather low frequency of content over the last ten months. It is entirely my fault. I have been so busy with some other projects, Cluster Monkey got lost. I have not had time to post interesting news or write any articles. This situation is about to change.

So What Have I Been Doing?

I have been working in three main areas, Multi-core Cluster Design, Hadoop/Spark, and 3D Printing. There are other things, but these are bubbling to the top right now. I'll mention a few things about each of these topics. Look for more in-depth coverage in the coming months.

We Are Looking for Writers/Editors!

If you have any interest in writing or editing for ClusterMonkey, please contact me. We can't help you buy that new vacation home, but we can offer a hearty thank-you and a shot at increasing you HPC street cred. (As an aside, we do get occasional marketing fluff disguised as articles thrown our way. These are quickly returned with a well crafted "let down" letter.)

I am interested in HPC/Hadoop & Spark/Machine Learning ideas, opinions, projects, benchmarks, and those things that may be off the beaten track. In particular, if you want to promote and new (or old) idea, share some experiences, or even get up on your soap box and rant about some cluster topic, this is your place. I like to post useful things that users, admins and those people called "devops" like to hear about. Now back to putting together my Julia course (maybe should be another bullet point!)