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Sit up straight and pay attention

Starting March 14th, 2014 and continuing for 10 weeks, Dr. Randall J. LeVeque, University of Washington, will be teaching High Performance Scientific Computing on-line at Coursera. There is no cost to take the course.

From the course description: Programming-oriented course on effectively using modern computers to solve scientific computing problems arising in the physical/engineering sciences and other fields. Provides an introduction to efficient serial and parallel computing using Fortran 90, OpenMP, MPI, and Python, and software development tools such as version control, Makefiles, and debugging.
Workload: 5-10 hours/week
Taught In: English
Subtitles Available In: English

Course Sylabus

The use of a variety of languages and techniques will be integrated throughout the course as much as possible, rather than taught linearly. The topics below will be covered at an introductory level, with the goal of learning enough to feel comfortable starting to use them in your everyday work. Once you've reached that level, abundant resources are available on the web to learn the more advanced features that are most relevant for you.