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Published on Sunday, 11 September 2005 20:00
Written by Douglas Eadline
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ClusterMonkey now supports reader comments on all stories. Our policy is that anyone can read comments, but you must be a registered user (and logged in) to post comments. This policy will ensure that we minimize spam, trolls, and flaming. The comments and the comment form can be found at the end of each story. No personal information or email will be placed in the comment.

We encourage you to read and comment on all the stories and news posted on Cluster Monkey. You can ask the author questions or cite other important developments. The comment form can be found at the end of each story.

Please be aware to maintain our editorial integrity, we will remove any comments that we determine are off subject, blatant advertisements, or offensive. This is after all a site run by a Monkey. And, you can even comment on this news story!

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