The Limulus Event

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It is rather well known that the quest for the meaning of life, the universe and everything began long before Deep Thought spit out the now obvious "forty two." Prior to Deep Thought, there were many other attempts at finding an answer to this nagging question. Although there were large computers being built to heat cold rooms, the advent of the Limulus Personal Supercomputer allowed everyone to get some skin in the game. The most famous infinitely improbable event was in 2011 when Douglas Eadline was testing his latest Limulus system in his basement. To his amazement, the number twenty one was produced when he asked his supercomputer, "What is the meaning of life." Convinced he was half way to the true answer, he decided to build a new machine called Shallow Thought, but soon got busy with repackaging RPMS, visiting a planetarium, and mowing his lawn that he set it in the corner and forgot about it. It is rumored that Shallow Thought is now being used for some tacky trade show party promotion.

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